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A Smooth Criminal Could Reside in Us and Be Undetected!


Chesapeake VA, —When the subject of health and disease comes up, most people think of heart attacks, various cancers, strokes, and even diabetes. But there is one little understood, and potentially deadly, disease that seldom makes it into the conversation. According to the American Heart Association, diseases of this body part (clue: it’s not the heart) account for up to 47,000 deaths each year. Albert Einstein, Charles de Gaulle, Conway Twitty, George C. Scott, Lucille Ball, Harvey Korman, John Ritter, and Richard Holbrooke, among others, have all succumbed to this disease. What is it? A disease of the aorta: aortic dissection—a tearing of the walls of the aorta, or aortic aneurysm—a ballooning, and weakening, of the walls of the aorta, the large artery that distributes oxygenated blood to your body.


The author of a newly released book, The Human Aorta—Your Super Highway of Life, is not a medical doctor, but he experienced three surgeries for an unknown disease in his aorta, which was a major catalyst for writing this book. Author Robert F. Epps extensively researched the subject but found little information in the books he read and virtually nothing on the subject in layman’s terms. He decided to dig deeper and write this book in language that non-medical people could understand. Mr. Epps became somewhat of an expert on the subject. Dr. Helena Kuivaniemi, MD, of the Geisinger Clinic confirms this, “It is a very useful book for physicians to understand how patients see the condition.... Thank you for spreading awareness about this disease!” Dr. Scott LeMaire, a thoracic surgeon, agrees, “Your story is truly remarkable, and your highway analogy portrays the normal aortic function and aortic disease extremely well.”


The Human Aorta is written for people who want to know more about this silent killer—those who have a hunger for knowledge regarding the purpose, function, and diseases of the human aorta. These people want to know what the aorta is, how it functions, and what its purpose is in the body. If they’re patients, they will learn how their specific disease impacts them and their family. If they’re caregivers, this book provides insight to help prevent burn out. Not only will this book give much needed information, it also provides a large dose of inspiration, and it just might save your life or the life of someone you love. And that’s what we call a good read!


The Human Aorta–Your Super Highway of Life, by Robert F. Epps, 112 pages, PB, $14.95, ISBN: 978-158169-439-0 Published by Gazelle Press (2012), Distributed by Ingram/Spring Arbor and For an aortic health awareness presentation by the author contact him:,!/aorticawareness, website:, e-mail:,




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