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 Views & Commentaries With Tricia Erickson


About the author: 


New Book! Former Mormon Bishop’s Daughter and Political Commentator Reveals Real Story on Mitt Romney!


Tricia Erickson

Tricia Erickson, (a Conservative) was the first Damage Control/Crisis Management Specialist in the country, as stated by Barbara Walters on the show "20/20". Tricia is also a political consultant and on-air contributor. She has opined on many local and national news and entertainment TV and radio shows/networks. She is also the author of the new book “Can Mitt Romney Serve Two Masters? The Mormon Church Versus The Office Of The Presidency of the United States of America.”


Tricia purposely became less active on-the-air in recent years and has not necessarily sought to participate in on-air interviews. However, because of the concern in her heart that for the first time in history, a prominent Mormon could achieve the Office Of The Presidency, she feels a responsibility to educate the public, both in the US and abroad, regarding what this potential Mormon President could truly mean for America. She is an expert on the well-masked cult of Mormonism and a former Mormon Bishop’s daughter who left the church in her early 20’s. 


From a political stand point, she believes it is imperative to reveal the facts on Romney’s political record, in opposition to what the Romney camp will shift the voters to believe in order to achieve the Presidency.


We have by now experienced with the current President Obama what smooth words and entertainment imagery, as opposed to substance, can bring to the highest office in the land. Will we make the same mistake again?


Side note:  Some of the issues Tricia has been called to speak to in the past are the dangers of Radical Islam, Barack Obama, Mitt Romney, Mormonism, all things political, the imaging-posturing-positioning of Presidential Candidates, the culture wars and more. Her companies: Crisis Management, Incorporated (crisis management and communications) and Angel Pictures & Publicity (a political and entertainment publicity and consulting company)


For interviews and more information contact: Kay at 910-270-0411,


Romney’s Olympic Tax Payer 1.5 Billion Shakedown  



Mitt Romney And Ron Paul’s Unholy Alliance


America Is Now Witnessing a Bain-Style Takeover of The Office Of The Presidency 



Why Mitt's Mormonism Should Be Of Great Concern To American Voters



Romney's Business Journey To The Ultimate Acquisition of the White House


In 1984, while working at Bain & Company, Romney was asked to found the private equity firm. Under Romney, Bain Capital grew in to one of the world’s largest Read more >>


How Can Americans Rationalize A Vote Of A True Cult Member To POTUS?


Mitt Romney is a devout Member of the cult of Mormonism. As a former Mormon Bishop’s daughter and a former Temple Mormon wife, I can attest to the facts herein: Read more >>


Can Money Buy Mitt Romney Love?


It is no secret that Mitt Romney’s 2012 strategy was to come out “Free and Strong” in New Hampshire. You see, in socially moderate New Hampshire, Mitt would have an expected foundation of supporters who would be only too happy to overlook his pro-abortion and anti-family record in Massachusetts, his “Fee Fee” pro-tax reputation, as well as his membership in an anti-Christian church. Romney also sought to buy his influence among Christian and conservative organizations.


Mitt Romney Is A Devout Member Of A Historically Racist Church


During Barack Obama’s 2008 Presidential Campaign, the Trinity United Church of Christ and its controversial pastor, Rev. Jeremiah A. Wright, were frequent topics of discussion on the national news. Commentators from several national talk shows referred to Barack’s church doctrine and teachings as disturbing, alarming, separatist and, in some cases, cult like. Read more >> 




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