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 Views & Commentaries by Sharon Sebastian




By Sharon Sebastian


A funny thing is happening on the road to riches for Barack Obama and Al Gore, the weather is changing. Global scientists now warn of a Mini-Ice Age that will bring frigid temperatures that will further expose the fraud of the worldwide carbon-credit-man-made-global-warming scheme.  


·       Some scientists predict that the Sun is heading for a long slump in solar activity known as a Grand Solar Minimum.  If this happens, it is possible that Britain could return to conditions similar to those 350 years ago when sunspots vanished during “the Little Ice Age”, when ice fairs were often held on the frozen Thames in London. -- Paul Simons, The Times, 10 October 2011


Seems Obama, Gore, the United Nations and their co-collaborators can fool some of the public, but not nature. Nor can they coerce honest scientists from making chilling predictions.


·       Britain should brace itself for another freezing winter with the return of La Niña, a climate phenomenon known to disrupt global weather…  The warning coincides with research from the Met Office suggesting Europe could be facing a return of the “little ice age” that gripped Britain 300 years ago, causing bitter winters.  The prediction, to be published in Nature, is based on observations showing a slight fall in the sun’s emissions of ultraviolet radiation, which over a long period may trigger mini ice ages in Europe. -- Jonathan Leake, The Sunday Times, 9 October 2011


Last year, U.S. forecasters predicted the return of La Niña off the Pacific waters. Faced with meteorological science predicting a cooling trend and with potential billions at stake, Obama went before the U.N. recently to actively push his “green” global-warming agenda demanding that, “To preserve our planet, we must not put off the action that climate change demands.” America’s enemies would like nothing better than for America’s economy and future growth to be hamstrung by fraud-based global warming regulations. The real motivation for globalist pushing all things “green” is money.  The green-scam itself is, in great part, American made.


Money to set up the global-warming, carbon-credit trading scheme, known as the Chicago Climate Exchange (CCX), was reportedly to be funneled through a Chicago Bank that once donated to then Senator Barack Obama’s campaign. Obama cronies from Goldman Sachs were reportedly set to run the CCX with an estimated 10 trillion dollars a year to be traded on the exchange. Reportedly, Obama and his associates such as Van Jones and Al Gore, along with bank owners, were slated to make millions from commissions alone. Former Chairman of mortgage giant Fannie Mae, Democrat and Obama supporter Franklin Raines was also reportedly involved in the structuring mechanism of the Chicago Climate Exchange (CCX). It was Raines who reportedly pocketed $100 million in commissions at tax payer expense as CEO of Fannie Mae, was reportedly fined $20 million for serious accounting irregularities, leaving him some $80 million after reportedly being forced out with accusations of his staff “cooking the books.” With Obama’s jobs killing, economy crushing Cap-and-Trade bill sidelined and the CCX in a holding pattern, new measures to bank and funnel money had to be devised.


Enter Obama’s Jobs Plan and his demands for an Infrastructure Bank through which billions would be channeled to aid Labor Unions and benefit handpicked companies loyal to Obama and Democrats. Senator Orrin Hatch (R-UT) declares that Obama’s proposed Infrastructure Bank: “Is just Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac number two.” Exposed by Republicans as another tax payer money pit, the Obama administration has been forced to make a fast pivot to stash cash.


With the Infrastructure Bank facing stiff opposition in Congress, a last minute rush was made by Obama’s Energy Secretary Steven Chu to hurry through some $4.7 billion is guaranteed loans to favored solar companies as part of Obama’s “green” agenda.  This on the heels of and despite the dismal failing and bankruptcy of Obama’s premiere “green” solar panel manufacturer Solyndra that flushed $535 million of tax payers’ money. Chu’s actions are being investigated.


With unsettled and conflicting science, nations worldwide are starting to follow the money trail behind the man-made-global-warming-carbon-credit scheme. Though all want a cleaner environment, the rush job that Obama, Gore and the United Nations demand puts not only validity in doubt, but questions if “green” is less environmental and signifies more of a goal to line pockets and fill bank accounts of wealthy, global elites at America’s expense.


·       Are we absolutely certain that the main cause of global warming is carbon and has nothing to do with the output of the Sun, or any of the other theories? With the credibility of some of the data of those dealing with climate change at least open to question, are we absolutely certain that we can afford all these precautions that may not even turn out to be necessary? It would be unfortunate if history recalled that we solved a problem that in the end did not require a solution by tipping the economy into depression. -- Lord Young, The Times, 12 October 2011


Research question:  Which Presidential candidates believe in man-made-global warming and support the Obama-Gore carbon-credit scheme?


Sharon Sebastian ( is an author, writer, and contributor to various forms of media including cultural and political broadcasts, print, and online websites.  In addition to the heated global debate on creation vs. evolution, her second book, Darwin's Racists - Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow, highlights Social Darwinism's impact on America's political ideology and its influence on current policy out of Washington.  Reviewers proclaim "Darwin's Racists" a "Must Read," "Incredibly Timely" and "Perhaps the Most Important Book in Publication Today," as it addresses Social Darwinism's national influence with its Marxist/Socialist underpinnings that directly impact the fractious political, educational, religious, and social environment in America today.  Website  





Provided by our friend Sharon Sebastian




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