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 Views & Commentaries with Sharon Sebastian




By Sharon Sebastian




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A tactical maneuver was in place as Barack Obama took office. It was the political version of Fast and Furious without guns, but yet a clear and present danger. Obama's strategy, along with the Progressive-Democrat Party, was to unleash a blitzkrieg of legislation on the U.S. economy and its citizens before the opposition could grasp who and what had been voted into office. Much like a military "kill box area," congressional authority and government agencies were sectioned off, targeted and undermined with a deluge of legislation and executive orders. The goal: Obama's "transformation of America." The free-enterprise economy was flooded with a strangle-hold of regulations that took over health care, corporations, housing, insurance and banking. Obama unleashed his "change" with such a fury that opponents experienced a political version of "shock and awe." With the system overwhelmed, moderate and conservative members of Congress were blind-sided and ineffective to stop the "transformation" being thrust upon the American people.



For two years, Barack Obama had free reign as he appointed over three dozen, unelected Czars to advise him and oversee government policy and agencies. Among the Czars were admitted Socialists, Marxists and radical environmentalists seeking to "transform America" to meet Obama's Liberal-Progressive agenda. In 2010, the American voter became wise to the destructive governmental changes that usurped their Constitutional freedoms and ravaged their pocketbooks. The conservative base of American voters abruptly woke up the GOP by voting compromising enablers out of office followed by warnings to clean house even further.



Warning number two is now in play for the GOP. With the Progressive-Democrat's game plan unveiled and its raw corruption exposed, Congress is again on notice as the nation faces elections in 2012. Republicans must now take the offensive and formulate a blitzkrieg of policies and investigations of their own. Every GOP member of the House and Senate, in parity with their committees, must be assigned direct oversight of Obama's Czars and department heads. Every move, every piece of legislation, every regulation and every request for funding must be tracked and brought out of the shadows and into the light. Obama's shadow-government of Czars is embedding itself and is being paid by taxpayer dollars to sit in government offices while deconstructing America's founding policies and principles. The Czars primary targets are free-market capitalism, Constitutional freedoms and U.S. sovereignty. The call to action and accountability by members of Congress has never been greater. Pick a czar or department head, expose their agenda and defund their fiefdoms. If Obama and a Progressive-Democrat majority are elected in 2012, expect the full fury of Obama's Czars to be unleashed on America in 2013.



American voters need to understand that whether Obama is re-elected or replaced by Hilary Clinton, Progressive-Democrat goals are the same. Both Obama and Clinton are advocates of radical Socialist/Marxist Saul Alinsky whose goal was to radicalize then socialize America and its government. Clinton's college thesis praised her socialist professor, Saul Alinsky. One of Alinsky's guiding principles, to all his disciples, was that in order to gain real power and overthrow capitalism it is necessary to crush the middleclass. As a Chicago street activist, Alinsky taught that class and race warfare are the most effective ways to bring about "change." As the race-and-class-warfare-in-chief, Obama demonstrates he learned Alinsky's lessons well.



PS - Partial plan of action for the GOP: 1.) Block Obama's so-called "infrastructure labor union bank" that is a replacement for Obama's planned money-funneling, climate-change bank in Chicago that was put on-hold by the man-made global warming scandal. 2.) Rein in the unelected National Labor Relations Board that is wielding unauthorized fascist authority. 3.) Assign additional oversight teams to prevent potential election fraud and vote tampering in 2012. Fecklessly investigating voter fraud after the fact does no good. Al Franken, anyone?





Sharon Sebastian ( is an author, writer, and contributor to various forms of media including cultural and political broadcasts, print, and online websites.  In addition to the heated global debate on creation vs. evolution, her second book, Darwin's Racists - Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow, highlights Social Darwinism's impact on America's political ideology and its influence on current policy out of Washington.  Reviewers proclaim "Darwin's Racists" a "Must Read," "Incredibly Timely" and "Perhaps the Most Important Book in Publication Today," as it addresses Social Darwinism's national influence with its Marxist/Socialist underpinnings that directly impact the fractious political, educational, religious, and social environment in America today.  Website 


A Powerful Book  The People's Choice     A Must Read A Seminal Work

                                        An Uncommon Book     A Book For Our Times     A Fabulous Read



Partial List of Abbreviated Endorsements & Reviews:



Darwin's Racists - Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow - is perhaps the most important book in publication today. Reviewer: Michael Aprile, Publisher, The Utmost Way Magazine



"Darwin's Racists" is one of the most important books ever written on Darwinism and the adverse effects it has on society. I love this book and about every five years a book comes along and you can put it in your hands and it really changes your life day by day. It is an amazing revelation. Reviewer: Al Gross, St. Louis, KXEN-Radio



How thankful I am that I read this book through ...this book is essential reading. Included are: media matters, education curriculum, genetic engineering and science, to show how the powerful are manipulating the weak. Many issues make for uncomfortable reading; 'The Nazis were in so many ways picking up on ideas that first flourished in the United States under the progressives' (p.40). The contents of this book should be heeded in days when controlling the population explosion is a cause of concern to many. For, if some groups can be shown to be unnecessary, they will be dealt with accordingly...Reviewer: Clive Anderson, FIEC, Hampshire, United Kingdom



I strongly recommend this book. It is a seminal work. It's powerful and I consider it a must read for families, educators, students and churches. Reviewer: Don Kroah, The Don Kroah Show, Washington, D.C. - WAVA-Radio



Though others have written on the subject, the book, "Darwin's Racists - Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow," brings it full circle and looks at the beginning of the whole Darwinian theory of evolution and moves it into modern time regarding how it affects our politics, how it affects the way people govern, how it affects our economic system and so forth. It is an incredible book. Reviewer: Kathleen Benfield, New Orleans, LA - WSHO-Radio



The most striking quality of this book is the ease with which it is read. Anyone who cares about their future and the future of the next generation should read Darwin's Racists and then prepare themselves to speak out and take action before it is no longer possible. The physical and spiritual future of millions is at stake. Reviewer: Dr. Joseph Kezele, President, Arizona Origin Science Association



Of hundreds available, DARWIN'S RACISTS - YESTERDAY, TODAY AND TOMORROW is among the few books and DVDs that ..."we highly recommend for personal use, as a textbook and for after school programs and local study groups." These Scientists and Scholars are sharing "...our message with public school teachers, principals, school board members, public officials and religious leaders - important people who make the decision about what is taught in the classroom and in the local community." Young Earth Scholars and Scientists Organization



I have stumbled upon a fabulous read, a great tool. Mine's all marked up already, dog-eared. This is a factual piece of curriculum. Notations are marvelous. It's a great read, folks! Reviewer: Eric Hogue, The Eric Hogue Show, Sacramento, CA, KFIA-Radio.



DARWIN'S RACISTS is recommended reading for everyone who cares about our culture and the future of our children and grandchildren. Reviewer: Dr. Ted Baehr, Founder/CEO,



"THE PEOPLE'S CHOICE." Reviewer: Frederick Boyd, President, Creation Evidence Expo 2011




ISBN 9781602643932


Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow

By Sharon Sebastian and Raymond G. Bohlin, Ph.D.



Darwin's Racists - Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow is available from the book's website -, as well as from, and from numerous online book sites and bookstores worldwide. Singular to bulk orders from Virtual Book Worm, 1-877-376-4955,




Provided by our friend Sharon Sebastian



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