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  Views & Commentaries with Sharon Sebastian




By Sharon Sebastian 


Before treading deeper into the swamp of bi-partisan negotiations that is Washington, Republicans need a tutorial. A pattern reveals a cycle of Republican defeats at the hands of the masters of manipulation. Democrats are rulers of backroom deals, strong-arm tactics and a manic impulse to use the race card on anyone who stands between them and their agenda. One need only recall the health care law brought into existence by overlords Obama, Reid and Pelosi. Dems play an old game based on disingenuous, strong-arm, win-at-all-costs strategies. With a GOP slow to catch on, Dems merely repeat the same tricks over and over again.


Disingenuous Strategy:  As evidence, one need only dissect recent negotiations over spending cuts. Behind doors, Democrats targeted cuts of $33 billion. Republicans insisted on $100 billion. Senate Dems voted it down forcing Republicans to drop their proposal to $61 billion in spending cuts. Low-balling, House Dems declare they cannot cut more than $33 billion without damaging the economy, which ironically is overdrawn due to excessive spending. All parties engage in furious negotiations at the White House. Finally, a compromise is reached with spending cuts that amount to $39 billion and change. Dems and the liberal press openly praise the Republicans for driving a hard bargain. Privately, Democrats toast themselves and move on to their next agenda. Note to GOP:  The cycle of resist-then-fold is not compromise, it is defeat.


Strong Arm Strategy:  A White House edict directed Dems to attend right-wing events and "strike back twice as hard." Democrat union thugs, using racial epithets, beat a black-American for standing up for his rights in Missouri. Lock-stepping to the White House's socialistic agenda, leftist leaders now openly declare that, "Sometimes violence is necessary." To protect freedom of speech and assembly, the GOP must assign "watchdogs" to strongly condemn violence against American citizens and relentlessly expose a culpable Justice Department unwilling to prosecute.


Race Card Strategy: Though losing traction, Dems rely heavily on racism as a political tool. Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump both demanded Obama's legal proof of birth. Republican Trump was called a "racist," but Democrat Clinton was not. Political gamesmanship by Democrats on the backs of Blacks is not new. Historian David Barton reveals that the Democrat Party gave birth to the KKK, which initially targeted Republican whites and blacks. According to Barton, not one Democrat voted to give citizenship to former slaves when the 14th Amendment came up for vote. Dems label others as racists while their policies oppress blacks in cities like Detroit and Oakland. Books like "Darwin's Racists - Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow" confirm that "all people are created equal." The GOP must be unequivocal on the issue of racial equality.


Subversive Strategy: This is possibly the most dangerous of all. Enter Darrell Issa (R-CA), head of the House Committee on Government Oversight and Reform. Issa keeps watch over Obama's hand-picked czars like Regulatory czar Cass Sunstein, who are diligently working in the dark corners of Washington preparing and implementing an onslaught of regulations that circumvent Congress, the Courts and the Cabinet. The new regulations will give unprecedented powers and controls over the American people to 30-plus unelected, uber-liberal czars that report only to Barack Obama. One of Obama's educational gurus, Marxist-Progressive Saul Alinsky, taught that to gain "real power" -- it is necessary to crush capitalism and the middle class through regulations that put a choke-hold on the economy along with higher taxes and limited credit.


Amid Obama's stated intent in 2009 to "transform America," a blitzkrieg of leftist legislation set-off a socialistic decline. Today, out of the public eye, Obama's czars are busy implementing reams of regulations to fast-track Obama's "transforming of America." Congressman Issa cannot alone save the republic. The GOP needs to wise-up, toughen up, or own up to being duped or duplicitous. Repeatedly being gamed is, as the old joke goes, deja-vu all over again. No one is laughing except the Democrats.


Sharon Sebastian ( is an author, writer, and contributor to various forms of media including cultural and political broadcasts, print, and online websites.  In addition to the heated global debate on creation vs. evolution, her second book, Darwin's Racists - Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow, highlights Social Darwinism's impact on America's political ideology and its influence on current policy out of Washington.  Reviewers proclaim "Darwin's Racists" a "Must Read," "Incredibly Timely" and "Perhaps the Most Important Book in Publication Today," as it addresses Social Darwinism's national influence with its Marxist/Socialist underpinnings that directly impact the fractious political, educational, religious, and social environment in America today.  Website 



Provided by our friend Sharon Sebastian



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