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by Sharon Sebastian  Website:  


Governor Palin – Your widening sphere of political influence, along with the Tea Party, is changing the course of political history. A powerful shift in political thinking occurred immediately after the devastating tragedy in Tucson. Revealed to all Americans was the underbelly of the political left. Witnessed was the brazen attempt and rabid reaction by the left’s political attack dogs to use the loss of life and attempted murder of a congresswoman as political fodder. Victims barely made it to the hospital before many Democrats and left-wing ideologues began to show their true stripes.  They attacked you, the Tea party and conservatives as a group for the vile act of a single individual. 


The nation has learned that the perpetrator is described as a left-wing atheist who reads Karl Marx’ Communist Manifesto and Hitler’s Mein Kampf and has no interest in the politics of talk radio. The left’s shocking vitriol, blaming right-leaning political statements as the cause for this man’s actions, is being viewed by Americans as unfair, unsubstantiated and unsavory. Should the description of the man as a left-wing atheist lead Americans to conclude that left-wing agitators and their rhetoric spurred this man to commit this horror? Should Americans conclude that the Godless nature of atheism was the sole factor? No, on both counts. Or, did his reported attraction to Marxist and Socialist writings drive him to the brink? The left wants to avoid such discussions because the left-wing media and pundits choose to ignore that the shooter’s mind-set appears more closely related to their own. Yet, the left ravaged conservatives as the catalyst that lit the fuse. Notably missing from their statements is that the shooter had deranged issues with Congresswoman Giffords (D-AZ) long before a conservative governor from Alaska and the Tea Party held prominence in the national psyche.


To say the left rushed to judgment is a misnomer. Radical leftists remain on-the-ready to ravage those who oppose their political views. Sadly, they were unable to restrain themselves and bridle their venomous and libelous rhetoric against you, the Tea Party, talk radio and millions of Americans who oppose and vote against their liberal and left-wing politics. The left seeks to control political discourse. They are especially sensitive about exposing their attempt to move the nation towards the vice-grip of Socialism. A FOX-News pundit, chronicling Nancy Pelosi, naively bought into their strategy by suggesting that the words Socialist and Communist should not be used anymore. In great irony and an example of the moral dysfunction that is Socialism and Communism, a self-proclaimed Socialist in Congress was reportedly mounting his efforts to use the Tucson tragedy as a means to help him raise campaign funds.


The unveiled message from the left is that they get the first and final say. They spew libel and misinformation and then denounce anyone who dares to challenge them. They verbally target others with hate-infused speech and accusations while insisting that the very behavior they are displaying be stopped. The left’s attempt to blame the shooting, by a reported left-wing miscreant, at the feet of conservatives is a political ploy. Americans reject such behavior. As a result of such disturbing and blatant political opportunism, Americans recognize the need, more than ever, to expunge such deceptive behavior from our government and the media. Americans reject liberals’ transparent scheme that disagreement with their agenda presupposes violence.


In conclusion, thank you Governor Palin and the Tea Party. The liberal-left’s unwarranted and venomous attacks on you have raised the ire and determination of Americans. The need to rally around the Constitution and demand our God-given freedoms has come into clear focus.  We will reject the Marxist/Socialist policies, the attempt to restrict our rights of free speech and free enterprise, the increasing attacks on faith and devaluing of life, the sell-out of our national sovereignty to global interests, the attack on citizen’s right to bear arms, the usurping of power through Presidential executive orders, and the further implementation of laws that crush families’ health and finances such as Obamacare, the FTC’s form of Cap and Trade, the Finance bill, the FCC’s assault on freedom of the Internet and broadcasting, and the unprecedented power of the President’s appointed Czars that denude the authority of the Congress and the courts. Yes, we will “target,” put in the “cross-hairs” and “attack” any attempt to take away our liberties. And, even though President Obama quips that he prefers to bring a gun to the fight, we know he doesn’t really mean it, does he? As patriots, Governor, we stand with you to bequeath the American republic, replete with its liberties under God, to future generations.


Sharon Sebastian is an author, writer, public speaker and contributor to various forms of media including cultural and political broadcasts, print, and online websites.  In addition to the heated global debate on creation vs. evolution, her second book, Darwin's Racists - Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow, highlights Social Darwinism's impact on America's political ideology today and its influence on current policy out of Washington.  Reviewers proclaim "Darwin's Racists" a "Must Read," "Incredibly Timely" and “Perhaps the Most Important Book in Publication Today,” as it addresses Social Darwinism's national influence with its Marxist/Socialist underpinnings that directly impact the fractious political, educational, religious, and social environment in America today.   Website:        


A Powerful Book       The People’s Choice       A Must Read           A Seminal Work  

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                                          Partial List of Abbreviated Endorsements & Reviews:


Darwin's Racists - Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow - is perhaps the most important book in publication today.   Reviewer:  Michael Aprile, Publisher, The Utmost Way Magazine


I strongly recommend this book. It is a seminal work. It’s powerful and I consider it a must read for families, educators, students and churches.   Reviewer:  Don Kroah, The Don Kroah Show, Washington, D.C. – WAVA.


This is a wonderful book.  Al Gross, Salem Radio Network, KXEN


The most striking quality of this book is the ease with which it is read. Anyone who cares about their future and the future of the next generation should read Darwin's Racists and then prepare themselves to speak out and take action before it is no longer possible. The physical and spiritual future of millions is at stake. Reviewer: Dr. Joseph Kezele, President, Arizona Origin Science Association


Though others have written on the subject, the book, “Darwin’s Racists – Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow,” brings it full circle and looks at the beginning of the whole Darwinian theory of evolution and moves it into modern time regarding how it affects our politics, how it affects the way people govern, how it affects our economic system and so forth.  It is an incredible book.  Reviewer: Kathleen Benfield, New Orleans, LA – WSHO.


Of hundreds available, DARWIN'S RACISTS - YESTERDAY, TODAY AND TOMORROW  is among the few books and DVDs that ..."we highly recommend for personal use, as a textbook and for after school programs and local study groups." These Scientists and Scholars are sharing ..."our message with public school teachers, principals, school board members, public officials and religious leaders - important people who make the decision about what is taught in the classroom and in the local community."  Young Earth Scholars and Scientists Organization


I have stumbled upon a fabulous read, a great tool… Mine’s all marked up already, dog-eared…  This is a factual piece of curriculum… Notations are marvelous. It’s a great read, folks!  Reviewer: Eric Hogue, The Eric Hogue Show, Sacramento, CA, KFIA.


DARWIN’S RACISTS is recommended reading for everyone who cares about our culture and the future of our children and grandchildren.  Reviewer:  Dr. Ted Baehr, Founder/CEO,


 “THE PEOPLE’S CHOICE.” Reviewer: Frederick Boyd, President, Creation Evidence Expo 2011 



ISBN 9781602643932


Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow

By Sharon Sebastian and Raymond G. Bohlin




 Darwin's Racists - Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow is available from the book's website –, as well as from, and from numerous online book sites and bookstores worldwide.  Singular to bulk orders from Virtual Book Worm, 1-877-376-4955,


TO INTERVIEW author Sharon Sebastian, please contact: Mark Larson, Mark Larson Media Services, (619)579-0967,  (Book's website:


Provided by our friend Sharon Sebastian


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