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NUKE THE POPE:  Atheists Revile Book


by Sharon Sebastian Website:  


Atheists are cringing. Feeling threatened, they site the cause of their unease is the book, “Darwin’s Racists - Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow.” An irate online public distress call to fellow atheists was posted among a flurry of blogger comments asking: "How can we counteract this #%*# launched on a gullible, simple-minded public?” That anxious query came from one identified with the tag: "NukeThePope."


Atheists are also taking their anti-God attacks to the airwaves. Among them is self-proclaimed atheist David Silverman, President of American Atheists, who launched a 2011 assault on faith by telling Fox-TV host, Bill O’Reilly, that “churches are filled with atheists” and that "the invisible man in the sky is a scam” and  “people have been lured in by leaders like the Pope.”  Silverman is just part of a cadre that targets 2011 as the year of the attack on all faiths.


No doubt that “Darwin’s Racists,” a book that is being widely discussed on media broadcasts, in print and over the Internet, is causing atheists to go all queasy inside. Note that atheists demean the public as “simple-minded” as they hurriedly seek to devise ways to “counteract this #%*#” -- the book, Darwin’s Racists. What appears to be creating atheists’ angst is that this book sheds light on the flaws of evolution and the denial of God vs. creation and modern science with a clarity not presented before. Truth is powerful. In addition, the rave reviews this politically timely book is receiving are also giving Progressives and political radicals a rash as well.


The book highlights the impact of current policy out of the Obama White House -- as it warns the public about the perils of socialized medicine, the hijacking of the faith and the Darwinian-driven ideology of Marxism and Socialism. It details the threat on Constitutional rights and personal freedoms through liberal policies being thrust upon all Americans -- atheists included.


Nuke the Pope. Nuke the book. Nuke debate. Is that the anti-God game plan? Because of America’s founding on Judeo-Christian principles and because of the Constitutional protections of freedom of speech and religion, atheist bloggers fear a “simple-minded public” will exercise its rights and read “Darwin’s Racists” and those pesky, positive reviews posted on the book's website at


Plagued by paranoia, one atheist blogger perceives the book as being propaganda to “…stoke hatred of us atheists.” Hate is not and could never be a factor.  When self-avowed atheist, Christopher Hitchens, revealed that he had cancer, people of faith prayed for him. In the final analysis, belief or lack of belief is truly between the atheists and their Creator God. Atheists, however, should read “Darwin’s Racists” based on their relentlessly “nagging paranoia” about the Sovereign God of the universe that is obviously so troubling to them.  


That one reviewer proclaims: Darwin’s Racists – Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow: Is Perhaps the Most Important Book in Publication Today,” must put fear in the minds of atheists everywhere.


Sharon Sebastian is an author, writer, public speaker and contributor to various forms of media including cultural and political broadcasts, print, and online websites.  In addition to the heated global debate on creation vs. evolution, her second book, Darwin's Racists - Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow, highlights Social Darwinism's impact on America's political ideology today and its influence on current policy out of Washington.  Reviewers proclaim "Darwin's Racists" a "Must Read," "Incredibly Timely" and “Perhaps tMarxist/Socialisthe Most Important Book in Publication Today,” as it addresses Social Darwinism's national influence with its Marxist/Socialist underpinnings that directly impact the fractious political, educational, religious, and social environment in America today.   Website:          


A Powerful Book       The People’s Choice       A Must Read           A Seminal Work  

                           An Uncommon Book      A Book For Our Times      A Fabulous Read 

                                          Partial List of Abbreviated Endorsements & Reviews:

Darwin's Racists - Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow - is perhaps the most important book in publication today.   Reviewer:  Michael Aprile, Publisher, The Utmost Way Magazine


I strongly recommend this book. It is a seminal work. It’s powerful and I consider it a must read for families, educators, students and churches.   Reviewer:  Don Kroah, The Don Kroah Show, Washington, D.C. – WAVA.


This is a wonderful book.  Al Gross, Salem Radio Network, KXEN


The most striking quality of this book is the ease with which it is read. Anyone who cares about their future and the future of the next generation should read Darwin's Racists and then prepare themselves to speak out and take action before it is no longer possible. The physical and spiritual future of millions is at stake. Reviewer: Dr. Joseph Kezele, President, Arizona Origin Science Association


Though others have written on the subject, the book, “Darwin’s Racists – Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow,” brings it full circle and looks at the beginning of the whole Darwinian theory of evolution and moves it into modern time regarding how it affects our politics, how it affects the way people govern, how it affects our economic system and so forth.  It is an incredible book.  Reviewer: Kathleen Benfield, New Orleans, LA – WSHO.


Of hundreds available, DARWIN'S RACISTS - YESTERDAY, TODAY AND TOMORROW  is among the few books and DVDs that ..."we highly recommend for personal use, as a textbook and for after school programs and local study groups." These Scientists and Scholars are sharing ..."our message with public school teachers, principals, school board members, public officials and religious leaders - important people who make the decision about what is taught in the classroom and in the local community."  Young Earth Scholars and Scientists Organization


I have stumbled upon a fabulous read, a great tool… Mine’s all marked up already, dog-eared…  This is a factual piece of curriculum… Notations are marvelous. It’s a great read, folks!  Reviewer: Eric Hogue, The Eric Hogue Show, Sacramento, CA, KFIA. 


DARWIN’S RACISTS is recommended reading for everyone who cares about our culture and the future of our children and grandchildren.  Reviewer:  Dr. Ted Baehr, Founder/CEO,


 “THE PEOPLE’S CHOICE.” Reviewer: Frederick Boyd, President, Creation Evidence Expo 2011 




ISBN 9781602643932


Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow

By Sharon Sebastian and Raymond G. Bohlin


 Darwin's Racists - Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow is available from the book's website -, as well as from, and from numerous online book sites and bookstores worldwide.  Singular to bulk orders from Virtual Book Worm, 1-877-376-4955,

TO INTERVIEW author Sharon Sebastian, please contact: Mark Larson, Mark Larson Media Services, (619)579-0967,  (Book's website:




Provided by our friend Sharon Sebastian



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