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Indian Rescue Mission's Recent Rescue of a Minor Girl Helps Indian Police Track Down International Sex Racket

by Jacob Philip

SANGLI, INDIA -- Efforts made by the Indian Rescue Mission, a Christian organization, has helped Indian police track down an international sex racket being run by Indian pimps with tentacles in major Indian metros and with audacious plans to expand it internationally.


This comes within a week of police action upon the tip off received by Indian Rescue Mission in rescuing a minor girl forced into prostitution in a red light area in Sangli district, Karnataka State on December 11, 2010. Read the published news at Another Indian Rescue Mission Operation; One girl rescued


The police, in their enquiry found, out that, the rescued girl was sold for 90,000 Rupees (approx $USD2,000) to a lady pimp and sold again to a brothel keeper in the red light area.

Police investigations revealed that, the lady pimp approached the parents of the rescued girl and made a false promise saying that the girl will be offered a good job in a city, but then bought the girl and sold her to a brothel keeper.


Acting on the information gathered by the lady pimp, the Maharashtra State Police conducted a series of raids in Karnataka State, where the girl was purchased, and arrested pimps which gave a way for the police to track an International sex racket behind this.


Beside the arrest of one lady pimp, police are expected to start arrested more suspects in connection with this case.


Speaking on this, James Varghese, Founder President of Indian Rescue Mission said "We had been constantly watching and investigating this one lady pimp and then found that the girl was forced into prostitution. And that's how we planned for the rescue operation."


He also added "I am happy that this case gave a clue to the police of what appears to be an international sex racket."

For more information or on details on how to donate towards this rescue work, please log on to or email them at




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