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       About Us was established in 1999 by Kenneth Lewis with a vision of publishing clean and accurate Christian news reports and spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ through the world by means of Internet media and Christian Television. provides the latest in Christian news nationwide and worldwide from a wide range of areas including Christian International News, USA News, Church News, Missions News, Persecution News, Commentaries from respected Christian writers and more. views all Christian non denominations and denominations as equal constituents of the body of Christ and in preserving and protecting its identity as a pan-denominational Christian media source. does not promote or demote any particular Christian non denomination, denomination and /or congregation


Today is one of the most comprehensive and up-to-date Christian-related news agency in America.


In 2011 became the American Christian News Agency and receives Christian News from around the world to be published on


Besides a Christian internet publication, also is a Christian newswire Service and distributes Christian news to over 500 creditable Christian news agencies. (American Christian News Agency) is visited by millions of Christians each year not only in the U.S.A. but from around the world. gives God all the glory and praise for one's He leads our way!


If you would like to receive our Christian press releases please submit your name, telephone number and email address to and we will contact you to be added to our distribution list.


Who is Kenneth Lewis?


Kenneth Lewis was adopted by a Christian family living in the Cincinnati area in 1957.  At  the early age of thirteen Kenneth accepted Jesus Christ as His Lord and Savior.  His Mother Lona Lewis gave Him two books to read at that time.  She gave him his first Bible and the second book she gave him was a book she was reading called " The Late Great Planet Earth".  Which at that time was in it's first printing. Lona taught young Kenneth about Jesus and shared with Him many Bible prophecies that continue to develop during our life time today. Kenneth was fascinated on how Gods word predicted future events. Kenneth said, if it wasn't for my Mother spending time praying for me and teaching me about Jesus, I may have not accepted Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior.  


Kenneth early on noticed his writing abilities were developing and he would some times research the Bible and write for hours about what he studied. 


In 1976 heart broken from his mothers passing, Kenneth joined the United States Navy and met some other Christians involved with the Navigator Ministry.  He spent four years serving in the Navy and traveled around the world. While serving in the Navy he spent time with a missionary family serving in the Philippians. He traveled with them into the towns and cities sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ.  He also met another missionary family there translating Bibles to different Pilipino languages. After serving four years and receiving an Honorable discharge from the Navy, Kenneth used the Old GI Bill to continue his education. After attending a college in Cincinnati he received a Business degree and continued to write.


In 1989 Kenneth Lewis now married with two young children decided to go into Law Enforcement and quickly went up the ranks and became a lieutenant and a personal protection specialist.  However, it was shortly after that God had another plan for Kenneth and it was at that time was beginning to develop in Kens thought process. 


In the companies humble beginnings Kenneth Lewis worked full time as a police investigative lieutenant and a personal protection specialist to many dignitaries including the President of the United States and the Governor of Ohio who visited the Cincinnati area so he could support his family and pay for every thing used in his new ministry called 


In a rare interview with Kenneth Lewis, he said, "before I became a Christian I had no desire to become a Christian writer and I certainly didn't know anything about the Christian news media at the age of thirteen.  However, after accepting Jesus as my personal Savior, God placed a desire in my heart to investigate and write Christian news stories and I notice a calling on my life early on to teach the gospel and to write articles about Gods word.


My expertise in the investigative field quickly drew me to the injustice and corruption around the world involving the persecution and killing of Christians.  Kenneth said, "I think as Americans we take our freedom of religion for granite. I believe it's for that reason God called me to publish the cries of many who are being persecuted world wide and to help shed some light on a very dark and corrupted subject.  It's sad that world wide persecution of Christians are happening around the world today and how the world governments including the United Nations continue to stand by and permit it to continue".


The Bible tells us a day of judgment is coming upon the world governments that have allowed the persecution of Gods people to continue. God will hear their cries and His revenge for His persecuted church will be devastating world wide like no other time in history. 


Kenneth Lewis also felt a calling to write about Bible prophecy and share what God's word warns us that will take place in the future.  


Kenneth Lewis is in the who's who for Religious / Christian news coverage. 


Kenneth can be reached by emailing:


" That I may publish with the voice of thanksgiving, and tell of all thy wondrous works."   Psalm 26:7



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